"It’s a humanitarian effort that I’m honored to be a part of. To actually help this world make undrinkable water drinkable, that’s phenomenal."

Abul Hussam, Professor and Director

Selected Research

  • The National Science Foundation awarded $425,000 to Songqing Chen (Volgenau School of Engineering) and Chaowei (Phil) Yang (College of Science) to speed up dust storm prediction.

  • The National Science Foundation awarded $407,088 to James D. Lawrey (College of Science) to study Phylogenetic diversity and phenotype evolution in Dictyonema, with emphasis on the Neotropics and the Galapagos Islands.

  • The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Organization awarded $330,000 to Dann Sklarew and R. Christian Jones (College of Science) to provide watershed stewardship education for 18,700 middle and high school students across 27 schools in Prince William County, Virginia.

  • The Office of Naval Research awarded $273,142 to Kathleen Wage (Volgenau School of Engineering)  for research on ocean acoustics, focusing on deep ocean noise processes and tomographic inversions using the modes of the waveguide.

  • National Institute of Water Research (USGS-NIWR)’s Water Resource Research National Competitive Grants Program awarded $ 124,484 to Changwoo Ahn (College of Science) and Mary Voytek (USGS) to investigate the influence of hydro-connectivity on denitrification potential and denitrifying bacterial community structure and diversity in created wetlands.

  • The Commission for Environmental Cooperation of North America awarded $36,000 to Nicole Darnall (College of Science) to assess the linkages between environmental sustainability and business competitiveness in North American manufacturing sectors.

  • The IBM Center for the Business of Government awarded $20,000 to Nicole Darnall (College of Science) to investigate the strategic benefits that companies can derive from behaving in an environmentally friendly way, the barriers that prevent more companies from going "green", and the ways in which government can assist to reduce those barriers.